Bonus Time

Time is money. This is a famous phrase that is important in the Neon Earth metaverse, because thanks to Bonus Time you can get NEON bonuses🤫

⏰ How it works? Very simple! You just need to have a good memory to log into your Personal Account daily and activate 1 day of Bonus Time.

After registration, you have a whole 7 days of bonus time available, but do not forget to log into your personal account every day, otherwise your bonus account will become inactive.

💰But you don’t have to think about daily activation if you purchase a bonus time package!

Bonus time only affects the following NEON distribution mechanisms:
💥 referral program,
💥 NEARTH token holders,
💥 NFT owners.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the chat or read the documentation carefully!



Neon Earth Dictionary

DeFi is a market that is constantly evolving. But rapid growth requires a system that provides instant transactions. This system is known as AMM.

💰AMM (Automatic Market Maker) is a type of decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that relies on a mathematical formula to determine the price of assets.

Simply put, this system helps to make transactions between users and contracts without any intermediary.

An automated market maker has two key benefits:
⚡️ instant transactions,
⚡️automatic regulation of the price of assets in the liquidity pool.

Uniswap is the company that developed the AMM protocol in 2019 and made it possible for other exchanges to use a simplified mechanism for transactions.

In the Neon Earth metaverse, you can trade tokens on the PancakeSwap exchange, which also uses the AMM system💪




🔮Neon Earth Guardians perform an important function — namely, they are holders of the NEARTH token. But these are not all the opportunities for Neon Earth partners.

If you have chosen the path of the Guardian, then one of your important missions is to earn tokens through NFT-mining.

💰Your reward will depend on the mining power of your card (from 2 to 5000 eN⚡️).

Keep in mind:
👾You can find the Interface in the Neon Earth Guardian’s Cabinet.
👾NFT Mining is only available to users with total NFT power >= 1000 eN⚡️

Become a true Guardian and start mining today!



Neon Earth updates

We are making efforts to make our project better: we actively answer all your questions in chats, record video instructions and publish posts almost every day so that you can get the most out of all the tools and mechanisms in the game.

Let’s sum up and remember what updates we implemented in May:
⚡️Logo updated,
⚡️Mechanism for merging cards added,
⚡️Find Hero mini-game added again,
⚡️Game updated to its first battle version,
⚡️Number of cards in the game increased,
⚡️The problem with bugs and freezes solved,
⚡️Animation improved,
⚡️Characteristics, statuses and abilities of cards added,
⚡️Video instructions recorded:
How to register in Neon Earth
How to top up your personal account with BUSD
How to top up your personal account with Binance

Stay tuned, open Neonboxes and play right now!



Collection Hunters

Hunters are engaged in collecting collections and receive a reward if they have collected the necessary cards and a given combination before others.

🕵️‍♂️Becoming a collection hunter is easy, just keep your eyes open, watch the game on all social networks and collect codes to know which cards and combinations are suitable to activate the collection.

The necessary cards can be obtained by opening Neonbox.



Guardians of Neon Earth

They are constantly guarding the order of the holy grail of Neon Earth — the NEARTH token, namely, they are its holder, receiving 25% of all bonus NEON for this.

🔮Becoming a keeper is not easy: you need to have secret knowledge in order to understand the meaning of such words as “Metamask”, “DEX”, “Pancakeswap”, and also be able to use this knowledge for its intended purpose.

The keeper needs to go to Pancakeswap, acquire NEARTH, protect and store it as the most precious resource.



Neon warriors

Neon warriors have come to this world to fight and win in Neon Earth collectible card game.

⚔️To become a Neon warrior you need to collect a combat deck of cards including a hero and 9 monsters and go into battle.

If you intend to become the most powerful Neon warrior, then you need to choose the most powerful weapon and improve your monsters.

💰Your reward depends on your place in the Top Ranking.

May the force be with you, Neon warrior!



Clan Leaders

Clan leaders came to this world to create their own clans and become faithful followers of Neon Earth. For forming a clan, you are rewarded with 30% NEON bonuses.

Clan leader gets a reward when his troops from three levels open Neonbox:

⚡️1 level — 10%,
⚡️2 level — 10%,
⚡️3 level — 10%.

How to become a Clan Leader:

☄️Сollect NFTs of five different classes (common, rare, epic, legendary, neon);
☄️ Invite new players to your clan.

To join a clan, a new player must receive a personal invitation from the clan leader in the form of a referral link.



NFT Lords

Become a powerful NFT Lord! In order to have unlimited power, you need to get NFTs of the rarest classes and highest levels.

⚡️25% of all NEON bonuses are distributed among NFT Lords depending on their power. NFT Lords increase their power in Neon Earth by collecting the rarest cards. The more power, the more NEON the Lord gets.

Start conquering the Neon Earth metaverse today!