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Neon Earth AMA session: tomorrow

☄️How can you make money with Neon Earth in the near future?

☄️What updates will you see in the project?

☄️What awaits the metaverse in 2022?

😱 The founders of Neon Earth will give specific answers to these and other questions tomorrow live at the…

Changes are coming…

We are glad to inform you about the upcoming updates in the Neon Earth metaverse:

☄️ You will see affiliate program updates (details at AMA session 25–26.01.2022)

☄️Soon we will cancel Neonboxes sale (details at AMA session 25–26.01.2022)

☄️ From tomorrow, the authorization system on the site will change. Stay tuned for updates!

☄️Also from tomorrow there will be a new reward system for beta testing of the Neon Earth main game.

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Beta testing rewards will be changed!

⏳Time passes, things change… The Neon Earth metaverse also changes!

🔥In February, we launch the final third round of Pre-sale in a LIMITED quantity. Those who became an investor during the first two stages had the most favorable conditions. …

Neon Earth AMA session: 25–26.01.2022

❓How often do you get the opportunity to personally ask questions to the creators of crypto projects? How often do you get honest answers about the profit you will receive, about the tokenomics of the company and clear steps for its development?

Neon Earth SUPPORTS…

Open Neon Earth to the world!

🔥In the meantime, Neon Earth continues to select national ambassadors! We want to have a trustee in all corners of the vast world, namely a reliable and ambitious leader who is ready to learn, earn and grow with the team of the metaverse!


​Join us on Discord and get NE

🍕There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

💸You get what you pay for.

❌Nothing in life is free.

And another 1000 and 1 proverb about the fact that you won’t get anything good for free… Surely you already know them. …

Hurry up to invest profitably!


📈Every day, the price of $NEARTH tokens is growing inexorably. It’s growing even while you are reading this post. Therefore, we recommend not to hesitate and buy tokens right now for only $0.32728381!

Time is money, as they say. And this is true!


Neon Earth achievements

Especially for you, we have prepared the TOP achievements of the Neon Earth metaverse for the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. List below 👇

🌱Beta testing of the main game of the metaverse is launched.

You’ve been waiting for a long time and it’s…

Life hacks for the Neon Earth investor

We looked inside your head to find out what you want. We did it purely with good intentions, of course!

You want following:

⭐️First, earn a lot.

⭐️Second, get $NEARTH tokens for free or with great benefits.

⭐️Third, to have more opportunities than…


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