1 min readFeb 14, 2022

Airdrop results

Congratulations, the time has come!

Right now we will announce the winners of our big airdrop with a total prize pool of NE 1,800,000 (~$9000)!


350 000 NE (~$1 750 OR ~ 350 NFTs) for 400 random members.

☄️50 prizes of 2500 NE.

☄️100 prizes of 1000 NE.

☄️250 prizes of 500 NE.

You can also get a reward for invited users:

550 000 NE (~$2 750 OR ~ 550 NFTs) for the top 75 members who invited the most users.

☄️1–5 places: 20 000 NE each.

☄️6–25 places: NE 10 000 each.

☄️26–75 places: NE 5 000 each.

Well, we hope you know that those who have been with us for a long time receive a double reward!

To receive a win, you need to connect your wallet on our website. It’s a must! So look for your wallet in the list, connect it on the website and get your prize!

🎁Hurry up to follow the link and look for your name in the list of winners