​All about Neon Earth game

We decided to answer all your questions about the game in one post. Read on 👇

What is Neon Earth game?

Everything is very simple! It’s a collectible card game based on an alternate history of the Earth in which you can earn money. The game is currently in beta testing.

How to profit from the game?

Now you can earn NE points for victories and placing in the TOP Players rankings.

What are the types of cards?

Heroes and monsters. In the previous text post, you can learn more about heroes and monsters. In addition to the heroes you play as and monsters that can only damage, there are also provocateur cards in the game: until you kill them, you cannot hit other cards.

What languages are available in the game?

English and Russian.

❓Who is my opponent in the game?

Now you can fight in PvE mode (player versus AI). PvP (player versus player) mode will also be available soon.

Can I play on my phone?

Currently only the browser version on PC is available. The connection is available only through Metamask.

How to play?

We have instructions in English and Russian. Here they are:



Okay, I got it and I’m ready to play! Where to find the game?

On the site, here👉https://neonearth.io/game

Well, now you know everything. Start playing and make profit in the Neon Earth metaverse!



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