Become a Neon Earth investor at the Pre-sale stage

❌Purchase of the $NEARTH token will not be available soon…

Why and what to do now? Explained below 👇

📢Soon more people will know about Neon Earth: in crypto chats, you can increasingly see advertisements for the metaverse. That is, there will be more and more investors, and the number of tokens at the current stage of sales will gradually decrease to zero…

💸You still have a chance to buy $NEARTH at $0.35, BUT as soon as the third (last) stage is completed, the purchase of tokens will NOT be available until 22.02.2022.

🔥Remember this and hurry up: there won’t be an opportunity like this again!


P.S. We constantly monitor the market and notice a lot of positive news: the rate of BTC and other altcoins is growing rapidly! This is another reason why we are convinced that the third round of sales will be completed very quickly…

Metaverse Neon Earth. Play-to-earn. Join 👉

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