Become part of the Neon Earth metaverse

It’s easy to create a personal account in the Neon Earth metaverse! You just need:

1️⃣Enter your email.
2️⃣Come up with a nickname — that’s how other users will call you.
3️⃣Set a strong password so that you cannot be hacked.

To make it easier and faster to log into your personal account from any device, we have added the “Login via social networks” function.

You can log in to your personal account via:
⭐️ Discord.

We will soon add the option to log in with Facebook.

More personal account life hacks:

☄️In the right middle you can always find our social networks.
☄️The project team is public: you can see us on the main page if you scroll down the page.
☄️You can change your personal account language in the top right corner. Currently available languages:
Russian, English, Ukrainian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish Korean, French

Go to your personal account, register and become a part of the Neon Earth metaverse 👉



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