Become the national ambassador of Neon Earth in your country!

🛸Hey, adventurer! Are you ready to become not just a part of the Neon Earth project, but a part of the team? We actually need active and sociable guys from different countries who understand the trends of the future and are passionate about the idea of our metaverse. If you are just that, then we will gladly accept you into the team! You will even have your own honorable role:

National ambassador!

What will you do?

☄️Tell crypto enthusiasts and other cool guys in your country about Neon Earth.

☄️Create a team and upgrade leadership skills.

☄️Conduct meetings with new partners and give them a unique chance to take part in the creation of the Neon Earth universe.

☄️Get profit not only from your investments, but also from all of the above activities.

If you want to learn more about DeFi and GameFi, develop as a leader and become part of our amazing team, fill out the form below👇

There are only 5 questions, but how many prospects!



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