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Beginner’s guide

Imagine that you are a crypto investor and are looking for a cool project that will not only help you earn money, but also be interesting, with an open team and regular support. You study the market for a long time, ask your friends for advice and discover the Neon Earth metaverse. What’s next?🤔

❗️Surely you will want to get answers to the main questions: what does the project do? who are the founders? what plan? what does the project offer? and, in the end, how to earn money here?

So that you do not get confused, we have prepared a small list with important information for beginners. In case all of the above was true about you…

☄️Neon Earth is a unique metaverse available to everyone! Here you can immerse yourself in the game with incredible creative potential, master the DeFi and NFT market and get endless earning opportunities!

☄️The founders of the project are crypto enthusiasts from Russia. You can see them if you watch the first AMA session of Neon Earth. By the way, you can also see the rest of the team: their roles in the project and photos are posted on the site.

☄️What is our plan? Everything is very simple! It is described in detail in special documents: in English and in Russian.

☄️The main product of the metaverse is an NFT card game based on the alternate history of the Earth with legendary heroes and sinister monsters! And yes, we came up with all this ourselves😎

☄️You can make money here in several ways: the $NEARTH token, the metaverse main game, our NFTs, farming and mining, as well as the affiliate program will help you with this. By the way, information about this is also in the document mentioned above!

✨All answers answered, all sources added to post. You just have to study all this in detail and understand whether you are ready to conquer the world with us! Just in case, we will leave a link to the site here.

P.S. If you still have questions, welcome to the chat. Our caring administrators will definitely help you!






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