Can you handle this power?

Imagine a world, the fate of which is determined by its inhabitants. A world in which there is no centralized power, imposed rules, and unfair distribution of resources. In such a world, people reach harmony and live as they want.

✨ “Utopia”, someone will say…

🚀 “It is possible”, we say!

We strive to create a project that we would like to join ourselves. Therefore, we explore various concepts and ideas, and create the maximum of cool opportunities for you!

Do you know what DAO is?

It is a decentralized autonomous organization in which the participants themselves exercise control. They come up with rules, reach agreements and implement them together.

This means that power over everything is in the hands of everyone who is able to exercise it. Can you handle this power? 😈

We think that autonomy like in DAO could complement our project. Theoretically speaking…

What do you think?

🤝 It is important for us what you say, because we will make a decision based on your opinion. The decision is in your hands…




Metaverse Neon Earth. Play-to-earn. Join 👉

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Metaverse Neon Earth. Play-to-earn. Join 👉

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