2 min readJan 29, 2022


Cancellation of Neonboxes sale: TOMORROW

✨Dear partner of the Neon Earth metaverse! Today you have a unique, amazing, rarest chance to become the owner of the latest Neonboxes at the current stage of sales, because tomorrow (30.01.2022) at exactly 16:00 (Moscow time) we will cancel their sales!✨

😱 Just don’t panic! In the future, you will have such an opportunity again, but when and what the price will be… is unknown.

Today you can buy any of our wonderful Neonboxes for only $0.35 and pay the full amount by 22.02.2022 at your own pace.

What are the benefits? Well, you asked for it!

🎁When you buy any Neonbox, you become the owner of an unrealistic amount of tokens at the best price in the entire universe! And then, when our token breaks all records, when our token is worth a fortune, then your crypto-enthusiast friends will kick themselves and envy you, such a smart and far-sighted person who understands the economy, who calculated all the prospects and bought the Neonbox.

Think about it, of course, it is an important decision to invest in a project with huge potential. But don’t think too long, because time is limited.

🔥Look at all Neonboxes and choose the one you like


P.S. By the way, don’t forget to share with your friends. So that they don’t have to regret the missed opportunity…

P.P.S. Tomorrow at the same time, the registration system on the Neon Earth website will change. The main game of the metaverse will also be updated. Remember this!




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