💥This has never happened in Neon Earth! Today we are giving away one of our amazing NFTs to Alexey — @kymarb 💥

✨We sincerely congratulate you and envy you ourselves: we have never given such a powerful and valuable gift in the history of our project. It is not just tokens, NE or common NFTs, but a real tool to increase earnings, get new opportunities in the game and increase your sense of coolness!

🪳 Alexey will get a Rare mimic cockroach and will be able to dispose of it as he wants!

His story about a terrible and bloodthirsty cockroach impressed the Neon Earth team the most: you can check it here👉

🚀In our metaverse, everyone can get really valuable prizes for active participation and excellent work! We always support ideas and are ready to provide you with new opportunities. And our winner Aleksey is a living proof of this.

🏆Be like Alexey. Keep participating in our contests and do your best — this is the right way to get cool gifts from Neon Earth!

P.S. Alexey, we will contact you soon to give a cockroach.



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