1 min readFeb 19, 2022


​Dear friends!🤗

It is with great pleasure that we are ready to present you the next global update of our collectible card game Neon Earth🔥🥳

☄️New game modes launched:

  • Quick match (PvP mode, the player is selected randomly)
  • - Play with a friend (PvP mode, create a game room, generate a room number, share it and play against each other!)
  • ☄️Icons of map features are added (retaliatory strike, freeze, clone creation, health recovery and many others)
  • ☄️New animations to some maps are added
  • ☄️Accelerated gameplay, removed the preview of the card before the move
  • ☄️Improved AI algorithms in the “Play VS AI” mode, now it’s even more interesting to play!

What else will be finalized in the coming days:⏱

  • Time limit on the move in PvP modes
  • - Automatic completion of a move if there are no available moves by the default
  • - Automatically refreshed energy

Participate in testing, share the game with your friends and opportunities to increase income. Share in our group reviews, comments, and of course, the detected errors 🔥

We continue to create the best gaming metaverse together!🚀🚀