Mar 1, 2022


​✨Dear Partners of the Neon Earth metaverse✨

We are happy to announce that our partners Exilon’s Marketplace NFTboxes have launched their platform!

💎 In honor of the launch, they created a MegaBox, minting of which you can get NFT with a share of the site’s profit in the amount of 0.0001% to 0.0006% (depending on the card) in USDT every month. The more NFT cards with shares, the more profit, because the percentages are summed up!

⭐️ The cost of NFT is $15 (profit will be accrued from 05.05.2022.)

🔥The NFTboxes community is actively involved in the minting of MegaBoxes. Everyone can buy a box, but remember that the number is limited!

Buy here 👉