1 min readDec 11, 2021


Fix token price with Neonboxes

💸Now the price of the $NEARTH token is $ 0.22. And at the very beginning, it was only $ 0.15. Can you imagine, in just a month the price increased by 46%!

And the price will continue to rise. Before you know, it will be measured in tens, and then hundreds of dollars!

🌈Well, it would be great to fix the price at least at $0.22 in order to have time to buy tokens of the promising metaverse at a low price at the pre-sale stage…

“You think it’s impossible?

✨ But we know that nothing is impossible in the Neon Earth universe!

🔥By buying one of our coolest Neonboxes in installments now, you fix the price of the token for the entire payment period!

It remains the same as when you made the purchase. It freezes and stops rising… 😱

What else can we say so that you can stop doubting and take advantage of this amazing opportunity? After all, you will not see this in any other crypto project!

🎁Choose the Neonbox you like and be among the lucky ones who have fixed the best price for themselves! Follow the link 👉




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