Get NE and exchange for cool NFTs

😎 How to become the coolest in the Neon Earth metaverse? How to earn? How to destroy everyone in our game? The answer is simple: NFT!

How to get these NFTs? What tests do you need to go through to become the owner of the most valuable cards? The answer is again simple: earn NE!

How to earn NE? Easy!👇

☄️Mini-games. Get NE for victories and for getting into the rating of TOP players.

☄️Main game beta testing. Help us improve the game and earn.

☄️Achieving status. Get stronger and get more!

☄️Competitions and active participation in the life of the metaverse. Stay tuned and get NE for free.

If you don’t know about NE yet, read all the basic information:

❓What is NE?

In the Neon Earth universe, everyone has an internal game account, the currency in which is called NE. These are utility tokens. You cannot buy or sell them, you can only earn or win them!

❓Why do you need NE?

For NE you can buy NFTs and tickets for the mini-games.

💥Collected NE you can exchange for NFT! 💥

Change NE to NFT in the “NFT” section of the main menu on the site.

You will also see ALL of your purchased NFTs there.

Choose a specific category of NFT or NFT pack and exchange:

👽1000 NE = monster NFT

⚔️1500 NE = weapon NFT

🧚‍♀️3000 NE = hero NFT

🔥5000 NE = NFT pack (2 monsters + weapon + hero).

✨Cards are displayed on the page immediately after a successful operation!

All your NFTs are grouped by ID, and the total amount is displayed in the description of the card. Mining power is also summed up!

🚀These NFTs you can play, mine and make a profit! Choose the cards you like and exchange NE for NFT


P.S. You can also get NFT from Neonbox. But that’s a completely different story… By the way, we’ve already talked about this before.



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