Help improve the game and get prizes from Neon Earth!

🔥 On December 31st, we launched the main game of the Neon Earth metaverse, which caused a killer excitement among all partners! We hope you like it too, you play hard and tear the AI to pieces!

💰We also hope that you know that you can play and earn money right now!

Study the conditions to know exactly what and when you will receive

Reward for the beta test of the game and top players:

☄️Rewards for the beta test of the game:

  • For every 25 wins, the participant gets 250 NE.
  • - For every 300 wins, the participant gets 30 NEARTH.
  • * Recording of results and rewarding daily at 23:59 (UTC).

Top players by number of wins:


1st place — 150 NE.

2nd place — 125 NE.

3rd place — 100 NE.

  • Recording of results and rewarding daily at 23:59 (UTC).


1st place — $25 NEARTH.

2nd place — $20 NEARTH.

3rd place — $15 NEARTH.

  • Recording of results and awards every Sunday at 23:59 (UTC).

Now you know everything! Next steps:

⭐️Learn the rules of the game before anyone else to become the best and get the maximum profit!

⭐️Fight AI battles, win and get $NEARTH tokens and NE points!

⭐️Share your game experience in chat, report bugs and discuss achievements with other players so we can improve the game in real time! By the way, for the feedback you will also earn a profit!

❗️Warning! The game is only available in PC browsers and only with MetaMask.

The mobile version is not yet available.

🎮Participate in beta testing of the game and earn right now


Our resources:

🌐 Website

📃 Whitepaper

🤖 Telegram Bot

🇷🇺 Telegram chat

🇷🇺 Telegram channel

🇬🇧 Telegram chat

🇬🇧 Telegram channel

🇬🇧 Twitter

🇬🇧 Instagram

🇬🇧 Facebook

📢 Discord




Metaverse Neon Earth. Play-to-earn. Join 👉

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Metaverse Neon Earth. Play-to-earn. Join 👉

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