How to get $NEARTH tokens as a gift? 🎁

The Neon Earth metaverse is the first Russian NFT game, which created a community of 10,000 people from all over the world in just 2 months. This is only the beginning of the project, but it has already won the hearts of many people!

💸 You have 5 days to get tokens of our wonderful project for free. Of course, only if you have already started taking part in the New Year’s contest!

📢We remind the conditions:

We hide one gift box on the Neon Earth website for 9 days every day. Each of them contains a letter. Box opening price is 25 NE. At the end of the contest on 26.12.2021, you will make a word out of these letters!

🏆For 1st place you will get 5000 NE + 250 $NEARTH.

🏆For 2nd place — 2500 NE + 100 $NEARTH.

🏆For 3rd — 2000 NE + 50 $NEARTH.

🏆A for 4th and 5th — 1500 NE and 1000 NE, respectively!

❗️We will sum up the results on 26.12.2021 at 13:00 (UTC).

Subscribe to all Neon Earth social networks to keep an eye on the progress of the contest and be aware of everything that happens in our mega-cool metaverse:

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