How to save your crypto capital?

Nobody wants to lose profit! But, unfortunately, this sometimes happens. Some are greedy and do not withdraw funds on time, hoping to earn more. Some invest in the so-called SCAM. And some become a victim of scammers…

We can’t influence the first two points in any way. But we can help you protect crypto assets from scammers. We have prepared a checklist with useful tips that will save you from fatal mistakes:

🔐You have a crypto wallet. Cool! Now keep in mind: never save your passwords and seed phrase in notes on your phone. Spend more time downloading a secure password manager, set up two-factor authentication, and don’t lose all that crucial information!

🔐For even more security, don’t connect to public WiFi, turn on your VPN if you really need to, and create long and complex passwords.

🔐The other big threat is phishing. For example, you received an email from the exchange or application that you use, where you may be asked to follow a link to do something. Be careful and don’t get fooled! Examine the content of the letter, check the link and remember that you can always ask questions in technical support and in the chats of the crypto-community services that you use.

🔐Sometimes scammers create fake websites or apps. In this case, check if the link displayed in the browser matches your exchange or web wallet. Also, don’t go to sites that have HTTP instead of HTTPS in the address bar. If there are several sites, check other sources of the exchange, project or application: contact social networks and chats to find out the truth.

🔐To save your assets 100%, you can install a cold wallet on your computer. This is an offline storage that is not connected to the internet. Of course, in this case, you will have to perform a complex authorization system when logging in. But sometimes you have to sacrifice convenience for safety!

🔐In conclusion, keep in mind that the Neon Earth project team will never send you a message first! If you receive a message from a suspicious account, let us know here or contact the administrators in private messages. Check links for phishing! Be careful and do not share personal data with third parties.

Save this post and share it with your friends so that scammers can’t fool anyone!



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