How will NFT owners and $NEARTH holders receive bonuses?

The updates affect all elements of the metaverse. Including bonuses. We talked about this in detail in the New Concept.

Detailed info👇

💎All financial transactions — deposits, withdrawals, receiving bonuses -
are carried out in NEON currency.

There are two accounts available on the site:
☄️Personal account is for deposits and purchases.
☄️Bonus account is for receiving bonuses and withdrawal.

When you make a deposit to your personal account, you get NEON and you can use it to:
⭐️Open Neonbox and receive NFTs
⭐️Buy Merge Crystals to upgrade NFT
⭐️Buy energy in the Neon Earth game
⭐️Make internal transfers to other users of the metaverse

When opening Neonbox, bonuses in the form of NEON are instantly distributed among the Bonus accounts of all users of the metaverse.

NEON is distributed to your Bonus Account if you are:
👉 NFT owner
👉NEARTH token holder
👉Referral program participant
👉 All of the above

📌Players receive bonuses if they are in the Top Player Rating. Bonuses are distributed weekly and monthly after summing up.
📌NFT collector bonuses can be obtained if you participate in NFT collecting. The number of winners and award dates are announced upon the launch of the collection.
Withdrawal is carried out by sending a withdrawal request. Requests are processed up to 72 hours.

💸Minimum deposit amount — 5 NEON
💸Minimum withdrawal amount — 50 NEON

Deposit and withdrawal will be possible in:
💰BUSD (BEP20).
💰USDT (TRC20).
💰Visa/Mastercard bank cards will also be available over time.

Still have questions?
Ask them in chats or send them to a special form for questions. Later we will publish a post with answers to the most frequently asked questions!



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