Hurry up to invest profitably!


📈Every day, the price of $NEARTH tokens is growing inexorably. It’s growing even while you are reading this post. Therefore, we recommend not to hesitate and buy tokens right now for only $0.32728381!

Time is money, as they say. And this is true!

💸On 22.02.2022, the price of tokens will reach $0.45. And it won’t go down! Think about it…

In less than a month, Neon Earth will start a Public Sale. This means that everyone will be able to become the owner of a promising metaverse token shortly before it is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Time to grab the sweetest and tastiest piece of the pie at a bargain price. Yum🍰

📌This is an important date! In particular, because until 22.02.2022 the price of the token is still growing, which means it will be minimal for you. So follow the link and invest in Neon Earth. Make up your mind




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