Instagram Neon Earth

Yay, now the Neon Earth universe has left its mark on Instagram too!

🔥 In honor of this, we decided to give you 200 NE! 🔥

But, not quite simply…

For this you need:

1️⃣ Subscribe to our Instagram.

2️⃣ Choose a post that you like best and repost it to your account.

3️⃣ Send us your wallet number in private messages.

4️⃣. Check your account and find +200 NE there! You can tell us about it in our chats so that others will be happy for you too!

🎁 For subscribing to Neon Earth Instagram, you will get 100 NE.

🎁 For reposting any of the posts to your account, you will get another 100 NE.

Now that you are familiar with the terms, go to our Instagram, enjoy the design and get your 200 NE 👉


Metaverse Neon Earth. Play-to-earn. Join 👉

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