​Join us on Discord and get NE

🍕There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

💸You get what you pay for.

❌Nothing in life is free.

And another 1000 and 1 proverb about the fact that you won’t get anything good for free… Surely you already know them. We want you to get acquainted with another proverb that we love very much in the Neon Earth metaverse:

⭐️Join us on Discord, get NE for that!⭐️

This means that by joining us on Discord you can easily get NE points! Yes, you can still get something good for free. It’s definitely possible here! The principle is this:

💰Every 100th person who joins will get 100NE for free.

💰Who will join under the honorary number 500 will get 500NE

💰 Well, who will be the 1000th will get as much as 1000NE!

So, as they say, where your friends are, there your riches are! Especially if you have 99 friends! Everyone will subscribe and you will get your well-deserved NE💵

Link to Discord




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