2 min readFeb 28, 2022


Mining and Neonboxes launch today!

🤔Guess what magic box helps to get what is not available?

🎁The answer is simple: Neonbox! She helps to get $NEARTH token.

Yes, you got it right: today we are launching Neonboxes sale and NFT mining!

How does it work in simple words?👇

☄️You buy any Neonbox you like: prices from 5 BUSD to 150 BUSD.

☄️From each Neonbox you get an NFT of the metaverse: its level varies from common to neon. You can see the probability of getting different cards here.

☄️Each card has its own mining power, which ranges from 1 to 5000 eN⚡️. You will earn tokens on the mining of this card depending on the power. 100 eN⚡️ = 4 $NEARTH per day.

☄️Obviously, in order to get more profit, you need to have higher power cards. But that is not all!

☄️Your profit directly depends on the $NEARTH token rate. And you can increase it!

🤝By inviting more new partners to the Neon Earth metaverse, you accelerate the growth rate of the token. In addition, you get a profit from the affiliate program: 5% of the partner’s mining! Ambassadors get 6% from mining.

💸This means that if your partner earns 100 tokens on mining, then you get 5% (5 tokens) through the affiliate program! Your referral link is in your personal account in the affiliate program section.

Go to your personal account and open your first Neonbox right now👉

Mining link is also available





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