Neon Earth Achievements

⭐️In December, we worked and worked to wow the DeFi market and show everyone how powerful Neon Earth is.

📢To keep you up to date with what is happening, we have prepared for you a small selection of Neon Earth achievements for this month:

☄️Significantly expanded the Russian community.

☄️Launched the selection process for national ambassadors for Neon Earth.

☄️Expanded the project team.

☄️Prepared the coolest teaser video about the game.

☄️And also spent a lot of time creating the Neon Earth main game, which will be released this year!

🔥And the most important thing is that we have completed a new concept of the project in Russian and English!

🔥 Read carefully, it describes the past, present and future of the Neon Earth metaverse:



🛸Be sure to share this list with everyone you know so that your partners and friends who are interested in the Neon Earth metaverse know how development is progressing!

You can even repost or retweet it, it will be cool!

In case you haven’t subscribed yet, here is a list of the project’s social networks:

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Telegram chats:

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