Neon Earth affiliate program

1 min readNov 2, 2021


Together, people are capable of a lot. Together we build cities and cross oceans, conquer new planets and create multi-billion dollar global corporations.

🚀You, too, can achieve more with a team of like-minded people!

The Neon Earth Universe provides a unique opportunity for everyone to profit from participating in the affiliate program!

😱You just invite friends and earn! You will not find anything like this in any other crypto project!

💸 Get a reward of 10% in $NEARTH tokens and 5% in $BNB tokens from the first-line partner at the Pre-sale stage.

💸Become the owner of the Neon Earth lands and get an increased reward in the affiliate program — 15% in $NEARTH and 10% in $BNB at the Pre-sale stage.

💸At the Public Sale stage, the reward is 5% for everyone and 10% for land owners and is received only in $NEARTH tokens.

Accruals for the affiliate program are received immediately at the moment when the involved partners buy tokens.

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