​🎉Neon Earth Contest! 🎉

Remember the Neon Earth affiliate program?
Of course, you remember, because there is no such thing in any other crypto project!

So, we decided that we want to give you even more benefits!
💣Therefore, we are launching a bombing contest for only 24 HOURS, where you can get absolutely free NEARTH tokens equal to $100! 💣

The instructions are as follows:
☄️Go to the site and connect the wallet (of course, you have already done this).
☄️ Remember all friends and acquaintances who can become part of your team.
☄️Go to your personal account and open the "Affiliate Program" section, where your personal referral link is located.
☄️Send a referral link to everyone you remember.
☄️And collect the largest number of new partners in 24 hours!

💥 Be sure to connect the Telegram bot Neon Earth 👉 https://t.me/NeonEarthBot

We will choose the TOP 5 most powerful guys and give NEARTH tokens equal to $100 to everyone!

❗️❗️❗️START NOW ❗️❗️❗️

Such contests will be held regularly. Therefore, subscribe to ALL social networks of Neon Earth in order to stay up to date with all contests and receive all the benefits first:

Telegram channels:
☄️EN 👉https://t.me/neonearthio
☄️RU 👉https://t.me/neonearthiorus

Telegram chats:
☄️EN 👉https://t.me/neonearthiochat
☄️RU 👉https://t.me/neonearthiochatrus

☄️EN 👉https://neonearthio.medium.com

☄️EN 👉https://twitter.com/neon_earth



Metaverse Neon Earth. Play-to-earn. Join 👉 https://neonearth.io

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