Neon Earth Dictionary

All purchases and bonuses in the metaverse are available in NEON currency. What is it and why does it benefit you? Find out from the post👇

NEON is Neon Earth’s in-game currency. The exchange rate of 1 NEON is $1. This is a unique currency, so you can purchase and withdraw NEON ONLY within the metaverse.

You will use NEON to:

☄️Receive and withdraw bonuses.
☄️Open Neonbox and get NFT.
☄️Buy Fusion Crystals to improve NFT.
☄️Buy energy in the Neon Earth game.
☄️Make internal transfers to other members of the metaverse.
☄️Buy bonus time.

How to get this valuable currency?

📌The minimum deposit amount is 20 NEON.
You can top up your account with NEON in the following ways:
⭐️BUSD (BEP20)
⭐️USDT (TRC20)

How to sell NEON?

📌The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 NEON.
Withdrawal is carried out within 72 hours and is available in the following ways:
⭐️BUSD (BEP20)
⭐️USDT (TRC20)

Still have questions?
Ask them in chats or send them to a special form for questions. Then we will publish a post with answers to the most frequently asked questions!



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