Neon Earth Game

👾Do you like video games? Such games, in which the story grips from the first minutes, in which it is impossible not to fall in love with the heroes with their unique nature and funny phrases, in which plot twists are intriguing and surprising?

If so, then you are in the right place!

If you don’t play games, then this one will definitely hook you!

⭐️As we already said, Neon Earth is not just a token, an affiliate program and mega-opportunities for earning. It’s also a real blockchain game!

Both a game and a token? How?

💡 Very easy! 💡

🚀GameFi is gaining popularity all over the world! The basic game elements in blockchain games are non-fungible tokens. You can choose any hero, upgrade him, sell or buy. Payment is made with the cryptocurrency of the platform on which the game is based. In some games, you can place bets on the outcome of battles. Or, like in the game Neon Earth, you can buy lands to rent them out for battles. The internal tokens of such games go beyond their platforms and are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

💥In our game, we mixed GameFi, NFT, and collectible card game (CCG) elements!

You can win rare NFT cards and use them in the game. Also, such a game model does not require high system requirements, which will allow absolutely every person on Earth to play.

🏆 Also, thanks to the addition of the CCG, you and only you influence the course of events during the battle and work out strategies to win!

Ready to plunge into an alternate world and discover the whole universe with Neon Earth? We are waiting for you on our social networks: subscribe soon!

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