Neon Earth game heroes

❓Do you already know Garit? Oddi? Avina or Spencer?

❓What about Coelacanth or Cyanobacteria?

😱 Don’t you know???

If so, now is the time to know!

In this post, we have collected for you the stories of all the heroes of the main game of the Neon Earth metaverse, as well as a video from the process of drawing our bloodthirsty monsters!

💪Neon Earth heroes:

Garit. Part 1

Garit. Part 2

Avina. Part 1

Avina. Part 2

Oddi. Part 1

Oddi. Part 2

Spencer. Part 1

Spencer. Part 2

👽 Neon Earth monsters.

📌 Save this post so that you can read the stories of our heroes at any time! Perhaps in the future this information will be very useful to you…



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