Neon Earth heroes: introduction. Part 2

Avina joined the team by accident. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The sea maiden collected seashells for jewelry on the seashore near the shelter of friends. A kind of meditation was interrupted by the furious screams of bloodthirsty coelacanths that surrounded Avina. Although the hydrobiome girl could stand up for herself in battle, but still the strength was unequal.

Fortunately, a ship flew over the coast. Dr. Garith was on board and Spencer was at the helm. From a height they noticed a girl in trouble and immediately rushed to her aid. In that battle, Avina won not only the coelacanth, accurately throwing a spear into their hearts, but also won the hearths of her rescuers — the skills of the hydrobiome impressed both of them.

While bandaging the wounds received in the battle, Spencer shared with Avina a plan to save the Earth. When she learned that it was still possible to turn back time, a faint gleam of hope lit up in her eyes. She offered her help without hesitation. The decision was unanimous, and Avina joined the ship as a member of the crew.


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