Neon Earth heroes: introduction. Part 3

The meeting with Oddi was no less strange than the hermit android itself. The newly minted world rescue team traveled deep into the icy desert to collect fresh samples of the frozen Serenums in the ice. The landing was not an easy one: the whole ground was strewn with ice thorns, but nevertheless the skillful pilot Spencer found the right place. It seemed that all the problems were over. But as soon as the crew left the ship, the ice cracked under the ship, and a dark abyss took the ship deep into the earth. After they reached the ship, Spencer discovered that one of the spikes had pierced the fuel tank and the fuel had leaked out.

During that time Avina also discovered something very strange. Someone, to be more precise. Behind the ice wall, as if behind a glass showcase, an android was sitting motionless. Avina called Spencer for help, and he rescued the android from captivity and, together with Garit, carried him aboard the ship.

A few hours later, the android woke up, looked around and asked why he was disturbed. Avina told how they found and saved him. To this story, the android replied with a question: “Saved? You cannot save someone who is not in danger. ” The android’s answer threw Avina into confusion. He recognized the misunderstanding on her face and told the story of how he decided to go into the icy desert and wait until the world changes. Then the girl asked a counter question: “Why do you need to wait for changes if you can create them yourself?” The hermit found Avina’s question interesting, noting to himself that he did not think about it that way.

Garit followed Avina’s logic and broke into the conversation. He knew that instead of blood, neon flows inside every android, which can be used as fuel for the ship. Garit suggested that the hermit begin to change the world by helping those in need. After all, if the android does not care where to sit without moving — inside an ice block or on a ship, then why not give the neon to them? The android found the doctor’s argument logical and agreed.

Fortunately, the stock of neon in the android’s body was enough to reach the laboratory safely. Avina was the first to jump out of the ship and a moment later returned with a capsule filled with neon. Dr. Garit refueled the android’s body, and he instantly came out of hibernation. Avina, who was hanging over the android, immediately asked: “Well, have you felt any changes? ” “Yes,” the android replied, and it put a smile on the face of the young girl. “By the way, what’s your name?” Avina asked. “My name is Oddi,” the android replied.


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