Neon Earth main game

You know what’s cool? To see screenshots from our game in chats every day, read comments from players and know that our community supports us in creating the main product of the metaverse!

💪We work hard to make a truly high-quality product: not only attractive, but also high-quality, functional, comfortable and interesting. We believe what we do and are glad that you also believe in us!

We decided to remind you of the main game information (or to tell you for the first time if you just recently joined us)!👇

What is Neon Earth game?
Everything is simple! It is a collectible card game based on an alternate history of the Earth in which you can earn money. It is currently in the beta phase.

In the Neon Earth metaverse, you can not only play our first amazing NFT card game, but also make a profit! How to do it?

Just follow the link, choose a hero and fight! Also, you can help us with beta testing by giving us feedback and get NE points for that too✨

🤔If you’ve just joined us or if you’ve been playing for a long time but don’t know how to win every game, don’t worry! We have instructions, after studying which you will become a super-duper master and destroy all your opponents!

☄️Click here, study the instructions and play!

Thank you for sharing your feedback and helping us make the game better. We appreciate it😉



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