Neon Earth NFTs

🚀One of the most important parts of the Neon Earth world is our NFTs.

📌You can use them in the game, upgrade them and earn with them through collecting and referral program. You can get NFTs from Neonboxes.

We are happy to announce that we have increased the power of all NFTs! Now your heroes, monsters and weapons have become even more powerful, durable and useful both in the game and as a tool for earning!

🔥We have increased the number of cards, added more varieties and elements for our bloodthirsty monsters. Among the NFT monsters you can find a poisonous and earthen cockroach, a fiery scorpion and an ice martialis. There are 5 NFT classes available in Neon Earth, they differ in price, power and stats.

By the way, we recently added a bonus system for NFT owners.
You can receive bonuses if you:

👾Collect NFTs
🤝Invite your friends
🕹Play the main game
💰Hold the $NEARTH token

Learn project economics and NFT features from the documentation!



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