Neon Earth updates

Now we will reveal to you the secret of how to choose a crypto project that will bring 100% profit and will be among the leaders.

🤓 Read carefully the checklist of a successful crypto project and tick the boxes:

✅Clear action plan with prescribed deadlines.

✅A relevant project idea that matches the trends of the DeFi market.

✅Fulfillment of promises.

✅Daily feedback from the project team.

✅Regular updates and improvements.

Use this checklist, check the projects in which you invest and you will have wealth and happiness! 💰😁

By the way, how many items from this list do you think are included in the Neon Earth project? Write in the comments!

And then go to our website and check out the updates that we have been releasing during the week. If you don’t know yet, these are:

☄️New statuses for investors and leaders.

☄️New statuses for players.

☄️NE game currency.

☄️First minigame of the Neon Earth universe — Find Hero!

😱There are so many updates in just one week! We did our best ☺️

Go to the site to play, get new statuses, earn NE points and collect your NFTs




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