Jun 6, 2022


Neon Earth updates

We are making efforts to make our project better: we actively answer all your questions in chats, record video instructions and publish posts almost every day so that you can get the most out of all the tools and mechanisms in the game.

Let’s sum up and remember what updates we implemented in May:
⚡️Logo updated,
⚡️Mechanism for merging cards added,
⚡️Find Hero mini-game added again,
⚡️Game updated to its first battle version,
⚡️Number of cards in the game increased,
⚡️The problem with bugs and freezes solved,
⚡️Animation improved,
⚡️Characteristics, statuses and abilities of cards added,
⚡️Video instructions recorded:
How to register in Neon Earth
How to top up your personal account with BUSD
How to top up your personal account with Binance

Stay tuned, open Neonboxes and play right now!




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