Neon Earth VIP NFT

✨Congratulations, you became the owner of our beautiful one-of-a-kind VIP NFT. It really is stunningly beautiful, but what does it provide, you ask? What opportunities do you get thanks to it?

Well, we will tell you!

You get:

💥 Passive income on NFT mining with a power of 750 eN⚡️.

💥 Access to a private chat, where you will be one of the first to receive information about the most advantageous offers from us and our partners.

💥 Place in the next Whitelist.

💥100% discount on commissions in the Neon Market marketplace.

💥 Privileges in Neon Earth DAO.

💥 High power NFT to play and HUGE advantage over other players!

🔥Wow! We even envy you a little…

And if you didn’t have time to buy NFT, just wait, because new cards with different power and options will appear soon.

Stay tuned for updates!



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