Neon Earth: what has been done?

We are absolutely open! And we always honestly announce our plans and achievements.

So that you don’t search on your own, we have prepared a detailed list of what we have done since the start of the project:

☄️Our mega community is over 16,000 people.

☄️Beta testing of the main game launched.

☄️Partnership with NFT service NFTBoxes and INFAM Platform.

☄️Presale stage completed.

☄️Public Sale on PancakeSwap launched.

☄️NFT sales started.

☄️NFT mining launched.

☄️Neon Earth national ambassador selection process launched.

☄️Cool project concept created:



☄️ Personal account adapted for partners from different countries. It is available in Russian, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish and Korean.

☄️First minigame Find Hero created.

☄️In-game currency NE added.

☄️Status system for investors, leaders and players added.

☄️Several Airdrops and contests for all partners completed.

☄️Partnership with cool crypto bloggers started.

☄️Neon Earth team increased.

☄️Dozens of consultations with DeFi market pros conducted to become even better.

☄️Sales of 2 divine NFTs that give full INVULNERABILITY in the Neon Earth main game metaverse started!

And all this was done in just 4 months. Stay with us: there will be many more cool events ahead!




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