Oddi. Part 2.

Oddi regained consciousness only in the hospital. In the ward, he first heard about the rapid spread of neon gas across the planet and considered it a stupid joke. But when the doctor said about muscle tissue breakdown in the athlete’s legs and that soon he would not be able to stand on his own feet, Oddi realized the horror of what was happening. He will never be able to run again. He will not be able to feel the headwind on his face. He will not be able to feel the ground under his feet.

Gradually, not a trace remained of the athlete’s organic body: every part of the body was replaced with high-tech prostheses. Oddi does not age, his body does not wear out, and leg prostheses allow him to run many times faster than an ordinary person. But from now on it didn’t matter. Running no longer brought Oddi joy, because he completely lost the ability to feel. Seeing no reason to continue his existence, Oddi went to the icy desert, climbed the highest mountain, entered hibernation mode and fell asleep forever.

A few years later, a cargo ship landed in the desert. The crew noticed the android while approaching the desert. The crew members, led by Spencer, brought Oddi to the ship and awakened him from sleep, after which they told the android their plan to save humanity. If Oddi had had emotions, he would likely have been happy with the plan, but instead he calculated the likelihood of the campaign’s success and announced that without him, the chances of success are extremely slim. Spencer was glad of any help, so he happily accepted Oddi into the team. On that day, the android regained the meaning of existence and became a little less lonely.


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