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Do you often get compliments?

😌Today we want to tell you why YOU are cool. Without flattery and in fact. Let’s start …

🧠You are very smart. You understand DeFi, NFT and GameFi, you know how the market works and know how to use its tools in order to earn money. Not everyone can do that!

💪You are brave. You study crypto projects and choose the ones you believe in. Even if they are at the very start of development. And faith, especially in really cool projects, oh, how it pays off…

🌈You inspire and motivate. You are smart and brave, you go forward no matter what. Thanks to you, others also understand that they can change their lives. You explore the world and create the life you dream of: interesting, financially independent and happy. And people are reaching out for you!

We are sure we are 100% right about you! Thank you for being you. And what are you with us! 🤝

It matters to us what you think, because we know that you are cool. And you can surely give constructive feedback about updates in the Neon Earth universe.

Write in the comments about your opinion on our updates, and we will read it with interest and be sure to take it into account👇




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