2 min readJan 7, 2022


Share your thoughts!

You are our main motivator and main evaluator. We create the best project for people like you, so your opinion is incredibly important for us!

📢Today we are collecting feedback on the Neon Earth main game via google forms. Write as honestly and in detail as possible what you think is great in the game and what can be improved. We will definitely take it into account!

💰 The reward you receive will depend on the volume, completeness and details of your review.

Yes! For your feedback, we will give you NE points and $NEARTH tokens. We ourselves do not yet know how much. It only depends on you!

⏰You will receive a reward after we collect information and summarize the results on 15.01.2022.

⭐️By the way, you can also receive gifts from us for active participation and promotion of the game in the community, screenshots, involvement, helping other participants and other activities. The amount of the reward will be determined by the Neon Earth team. We will inform you about it in private messages when we ask for the address of your wallet.💵

🔥Be as involved as possible to get the most profit and help the Neon Earth metaverse get better!

Google forms for feedback here👇






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