Start the new year in the right way!

Let’s experiment: make an investment in Neon Earth today and see how much profit you will get on December 31, 2022😏

Don’t forget to write your result in the chat at the end of the year! But for now…

💫Welcome to the new year 2022! Today you have a chance to start the best year of your life: the happiest, most interesting and full of both new events and profit!

Everything depends only on you!And we will support you! 🤝

💲Buy $NEARTH tokens and earn!

🎮Play the Neon Earth main game, become the best player and earn money!

👥Create the coolest team in the metaverse, develop as a leader and earn money!

⭐️There are plenty of opportunities and they are all for you!

If you have been waiting for the right moment to invest in a promising project that will change the world — it has come now! If not at the very beginning of the year, then when?

Go to the Neon Earth metaverse website to start our little experiment 👉

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