Take your friends to а new world!

You are an adventurer. Your enquiring mind is constantly looking for new opportunities to grow. You know what you want and always achieve your goals!

💪You can improve your best skills and learn a lot of useful things by surrounding yourself with like-minded people! In addition, together with the team you will achieve financial independence, improve your leadership qualities and change your life for the better much faster.

The right environment can change everything! As they say, if you hang around five millionaires, you will be the sixth 😉

🚀 Enter the new year with friends and acquaintances, open a new world for them and create the best team in the universe! Learn more about the Neon Earth Affiliate Program 👇

💸 Get a reward of 10% in $NEARTH and 5% in $BNB from the first line partners at the pre-sale stage.

💸At the Public Sale stage, you will get a reward only in the $NEARTH tokens: 5% for everyone and 10% for land owners.

💸Partner reward is received instantly at the moment when the involved partners buy tokens.

😱 You won’t see anything like this in any other crypto project! 😱

How to create a team? It’s very simple!

☄️Go to the website and connect your wallet (you, of course, have already done this).

☄️ Remember all friends and acquaintances who can become part of your team.

☄️Go to your personal account in the “Affiliate Program” section, where you will see your personal referral link.

☄️Send a referral link to everyone you remember.

Done! Now you know how to enter 2022 the right way — with a team of cool guys just like you!

Go to the Neon Earth website, unleash your leadership talents and create the coolest team in the universe 👉https://neonearth.io/

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