Thank you, adventurer!

⭐️ Faith is the engine of progress. If you believe that you can run a marathon, you will definitely do it. If you believe that you can become a millionaire (and, of course, you will make an effort for this), you will definitely become one. If you believe in success, you will achieve it…

🌱 Thank you for believing in Neon Earth! Every day we receive chat messages, we see an increase in the number of registrations, your sincere emotions and interest, and this all gives us motivation to move on and create the best project for the best people in the universe!

We appreciate your participation and contribution to the creation of the Neon Earth universe. That is why we want to make you a present.🎁

You! Yes, you are the discoverer who bought the NEARTH token from 09.11.2021 to 16.11.2021.

🔥We give you 250 NE! 🔥

Check it out, for sure they are already tired of waiting for you in your personal account 😉

🎁There are more gifts to come! For those who got statuses in their personal account from 09.11.2021 to 16.11.2021, we charge 100 NE for each status! 🎁

Of course, we believe in you as much as you believe in us. And that’s why we are giving you these NE so that you can play the Find Hero minigame and earn even more!

Go to the site and play! You will succeed



Metaverse Neon Earth. Play-to-earn. Join 👉

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