Thank you for your contribution to the development of the Neon Earth game!

Remember when we asked you to fill out google forms for feedback on the Neon Earth main game? These ones:



💸Today we are summing up, analyzing all the information received and giving NE points and $NEARTH tokens for the most useful and cool answers.

💕Thank you for the feedback! You help us to improve the game, and therefore to develop the Neon Earth metaverse. Without your input, we definitely can’t do it!

💰Each of the participants has already received a reward of 1000 NE + 10 NEARTH to the personal account. Thank you for your activity and participation!

⭐️By the way, you can also get gifts for active participation and promotion of the game in the community, screenshots, involvement, helping other participants and other activities. The amount of the reward will be evaluated by the Neon Earth team. We will inform you about it in private messages when we ask for your wallet address.💵

Thank you again, the most wonderful partner of Neon Earth! Keep supporting us, play the main game of the metaverse and earn! By the way, the game is here




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