The bloodthirsty stories contest continues!

You probably also told your friends scary stories about the monster in the closet as a child. About a bloody hand that will drag you by the leg under the bed at night. About the girl who went into the woods and never came back…

Today you can use your imagination again and come up with a scary story. Because the Neon Earth monster story contest continues!

🔮We invite you to come up with a story about how the monsters of the Neon Earth metaverse became like that? How did they appear, and how do they coexist with each other and with humanity now?

🔥Choose one monster of our metaverse and tell its story. For the coolest, scariest and most interesting story, we will reward you with a generous gift — Neon Earth NFT. 🔥

🎁 There will be only one gift. But you will get that monster for free.

We will be waiting for your stories in Neon Earth Telegram chats! Use your imagination and fantasy to the maximum.

The contest will last until 28.03.2022.

And yes, we see your questions in the chat! There can be several stories from 1 person, if you so desire. And no, we won’t tell you which NFT you’ll get — it also depends on your story. But be sure you will like it!😉

Send stories to Telegram chats:





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