​Today is the most anticipated event of 2021!

And you will become one of the first participants…

🎮 + 💰Imagine what you can earn by playing games! Defeat other players, upgrade your hero, expand the range of skills and get profit for it. Sounds like a fantasy, but today it can become a reality…

📢Since the creation of the Neon Earth metaverse, we have talked about presenting the main game at the end of December 2021. All this time we have been actively developing it, drawing details, creating heroes and rules. We always do what we say, because honesty is one of the most important conditions for the existence of our project! So…

💥You’ve been waiting! You wanted it! You talked about it… 💥

🚀Today is the start of the Neon Earth main game! This is the first NFT game in the metaverse, and now you have a unique chance to take part in beta testing, level up and start making money!

⭐️ Learn the rules of the game before anyone else to become the best and get the maximum profit!

⭐️Fight in battles with AI, win and get $NEARTH tokens and NE points!

⭐️Share your impressions of the game in the chat, report bugs and discuss achievements with other players so that we can improve the game in real time! By the way, you will also make a profit for the feedback!

Attention! The game is available only for PC browsers and only with MetaMask. The mobile version is not yet available.

🎉We invite you to take part in beta testing of the main game of the Neon Earth metaverse! Follow the link and discover new opportunities

👉 https://game.neonearth.io/

Our resources:

🌐 Website

📃 Whitepaper

🤖 Telegram Bot

🇷🇺 Telegram chat

🇷🇺 Telegram channel

🇬🇧 Telegram chat

🇬🇧 Telegram channel

🇬🇧 Twitter

🇬🇧 Instagram

📢 Discord




Metaverse Neon Earth. Play-to-earn. Join 👉 https://neonearth.io

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Metaverse Neon Earth. Play-to-earn. Join 👉 https://neonearth.io

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