2 min readJan 9, 2022


Tomorrow is the last day of sales!

Take advantage of one of two amazing discounts before 12:00 (UTC) 10.01.2022!

Remember the conditions:

💥Now you have an amazing chance to buy $NEARTH tokens at a fixed price of $0.3.

💥If you already bought $NEARTH before the price reached $0.3, right now you can buy a token at the same price! That is, if you bought $NEARTH on the first day of Presale, you get the opportunity to buy tokens at $0.15 again. Or, if you bought them for $0.25, then you can buy as many as you want for $0.25 again! The personal price is displayed in the Buy $NEARTH interface after the wallet is connected.

Small bonus from the Neon Earth team! 👇

👂Listen to secret life hacks to fix the $NEARTH price as efficiently as possible:

☄️First of all, buy more! Because in the future, when the price rises several times, you will thank yourself for buying them practically for nothing!

☄️Secondly, right now you can buy not only tokens, but any of the Neonboxes! Including in installments! Then you can fix the price for the entire installment payment period.

☄️Thirdly, tell your friends! If you create a team through the Neon Earth affiliate program, then you just have to tell each of its members about this great opportunity. They will be able to buy tokens at a favorable cost, and you will receive a reward.

🧠Switch on your brain and go! Hurry up to take advantage of these discounts


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