We did what you’ve asked for

⭐️From the very beginning, we told you that in the Neon Earth universe you will not just buy a token, sit and watch money appearing in your account. With us you will immerse yourself in a new universe, create a team, play and have fun!

You were waiting for this… And finally, we did what you asked for!

🔥Today you can play the first minigame of the Neon Earth universe — Find Hero! 🔥

In addition to the game in your personal account, you will see 5 new statuses ONLY for players:

🏄 Fortune hunter

Play minigames every day for one week.

🎗 Player

Collect 1000 NE.

🏅 Winner

Collect 2000 NE.

🏆 Champion

Collect 3000 NE.

👑 Collector

Collect all the rewards!

The launch of the first minigame is a long-awaited event for us and, we hope, for you too! And in honor of this, we are giving you a super opportunity! As we said, you can exchange the collected NE for unique NFTs, sooo…

⚔️First to reach 5000 NE will get additional weapon NFT! ⚔️

Do you want this? Take it, we don’t mind!

🚀In the evening we will tell you in detail about the game and its rules! In the meantime, subscribe to Neon Earth social networks to be the first to receive all the information about our updates:

Telegram channels:

☄️EN 👉https://t.me/neonearthio

☄️RU 👉https://t.me/neonearthiorus

Telegram chats:

☄️EN 👉https://t.me/neonearthiochat

☄️RU 👉https://t.me/neonearthiochatrus


☄️EN 👉https://neonearthio.medium.com


☄️EN 👉https://twitter.com/neon_earth

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