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What happens in the blockchain?

Islands, cities and entire countries are starting to use cryptocurrencies! How this happens and when it will be possible to go on a world crypto tour, read in today’s post!

💰Perhaps in the near future, cryptocurrencies will become a fully legal financial instrument in the USA!
US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that she recognizes the benefits of crypto. She believes that cryptocurrencies are not a temporary trend, but a well-established financial mechanism. Earlier, US President Joe Biden instructed the Treasury Department and other government agencies to begin creating a regulatory framework for the crypto industry.
How soon do you think the US will officially start using cryptocurrencies?😏

🏝Vanuatu is a state in the Pacific Ocean, consisting of 80 islands, plans to create its own crypto-island!
The government of Vanuatu announced that they are supporting the Satoshi Island Community Project, an initiative to create a “cryptocurrency island”. This is about a mega project to create an island in the South Pacific, where traditional currencies will be completely replaced by cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain sector will have complete freedom of development.
Well, crypto enthusiasts, are you ready to move to the islands?✈️

🌆El Salvador will build a crypto city!
La Unión is a small city in the east of El Salvador. The state plans to make it a paradise for lovers of freedom and new technologies: the city will have zero taxes, geothermal energy from a volcano and funding from crypto bonds. Bitcoin City will include residential and commercial areas, restaurants, an airport, as well as a port and railway. The infrastructure of the city will be in the shape of a circle, reminiscent of the Bitcoin logo. Ideally, the place will become a “tax haven” with advanced developments in the cryptosphere and even its own crypto farms for mining BTC.
Ready to become “farmers” in El Salvador?🌱

The world is inevitably moving towards the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. And, who knows, maybe in a couple of years we will be able to go on a real crypto tour: first to the USA, then to El Salvador and then straight to the crypto islands…

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