What is $NEARTH?

One day the sun stopped shining. People had to look for new sources of energy and life on earth. This is how they discovered the value of neon…

🌍So says the legend of Neon Earth. The embodiment of neon in the real world was $NEARTH. So what is $NEARTH?

💰First of all, it is the most valuable resource in Neon Earth. Simply put, $NEARTH is the governance token in our metaverse.

You can use it in the main game, mini-games, farming, mining and more, and you can also get it as a reward in the affiliate program!

What else is it for?

☄️Formation of farming pools

☄️Farming award

☄️Trading on DEX platforms

☄️NFT mining reward

☄️ Affiliate Program award

☄️Random rewards and ranking rewards in the main game

☄️Purchase tickets for mini-games

☄️Merging NFTs and leveling them up

Specifically about the token:

☄️Decimal places: 8

☄️Maximum supply: 1 billion

☄️Network: BSC

☄️Standard: BEP-20

So you learned about the $NEARTH token. Appreciate it, because this is what will help you survive, upgrade and earn money in the Neon Earth metaverse!

You can buy tokens on PancakeSwap.



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